With so many qualified prospects at trade shows, first impressions are important -especially if those impressions are going to last in the minds of your prospects. Just like in the retail world, your products or services have to be represented in a way that is compelling and memorable.

According to Trade Show Advisor there are two types of interaction. The first type is based solely on judgements made because of the appearance of your exhibit. The second is a "behavioral component" that reflects how visitors and trade show workers interact with one another. We’ll deal with the behavioral component next blog.

Tons of research exists on what makes the physical appearance of an exhibit attract attention. I’m no expert and am sure that you probably deal with an exhibit company that does have expertise. It is obvious that quality and that "certain something" drives attendee interest and attracts more people. This also applies to booth design.

Some, but not all, exhibitors want maximum attention; the attention of the most people possible at a trade show - in other words, they want to draw a crowd. They may be new to the market, just launching a major product, strengthening their brand or just learning (face to face in real time) what most people are think about their company and products.

As my friend Bill Goldman said, “It takes more than a free pen to draw a crowd.” An experienced, professional trade show magician can be like a combination of your company’s top evangelist, your VP of Marketing and David Blaine (or better still, Derren Brown). He or she can attract crowds with stunning visual displays while simultaneously delivering your key marketing message.

The entertainers/presenters from Thin Air Productions have decades of experience; they have the necessary stamina and pacing to make the last presentation of each day as memorable and energetic as the first. To engagingly deliver your message to the maximum number of trade show attendees, call Thin Air Productions for a free consultation or quote today.

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