In an article by Tim Asimos at Circle Studio, many in B2B sales find in-person events (like trade shows) to be the most effective marketing tactic. It is, however, imperative that trade show marketers have a strong, basic strategy in place to generate a substantial ROI.

Tim Asimos at Circle Studio points out the common imbalance at trade shows; half of the booths are attracting large crowds while the other half seems to be dead in the water.

Below is another way to make sure you are in the first camp.

Ride the buzz.

One of the advantages of planning far in advance is that it leaves you time to build a good buzz about your booth. But building that buzz from scratch takes months. As Gary Vaynerchuck advises, "Ride the hashtag." Creating a hashtag and hoping it hits is hard. Riding a hashtag that has gone viral takes advantage of the buzz already out there.

Now I don't know you or your strengths, but mine is not social media! If it is not yours either; DELEGATE! There is someone in Marketing that is an expert, tell them what you need and watch them do something they love while helping you meet your goals.