Last post, we discussed what physical (visible and material) aspects of an exhibit attract the attention of attendees. At least as important are how behavior and demeanor also serve as powerful lures to would be clients. Trade show staffers require vibrancy, solid interpersonal skills, and sound product and industry knowledge. It isn't any fun to interact with staffers who are uneducated on the business they’re selling. Enthusiasm is important and a powerful agent for success.

An article at ( discusses the emotional labor of managing one's game face as a trade show booth staff member. Trade shows can be hard work and sometimes even your strongest staffers will find it hard to maintain their cool. Losing focus usually means drifting away from the booth or spending more time on their phones than talking to attendees right there in the aisles.

In a 2016 article Harvard Business Review's Susan David describes emotional labor as "the effort it takes to keep your professional game face on when what you're doing is not concordant with how you feel." She likens it to the way one engages in polite chit-chat in the elevator when you're feeling tired and surly. Here's a link to the informative article.

Constant interaction, long hours, and pitching all day for the duration of your average trade show can be grueling. Trying to maintain a fresh attitude can be difficult. Consideration for the psychology of your staff will help insure success.

To ratchet up the energy at their booth, many exhibitors rely on an attention getting presentation, often one that is entertaining. In these cases, selecting an experienced, time tested professional is vital. Countless exhibitors have scheduled an employee to give multiple presentations throughout the show, only to find he/she has burned out physically or emotionally halfway through the 2nd day. The entertainers/presenters from Thin Air Productions have decades of experience; they have the necessary stamina and pacing to make the last presentation of each day as memorable and energetic as the first. To engagingly deliver your message to the maximum number of trade show attendees, call Thin Air Productions for a free consultation or quote today.